"We were impressed with the video quality from the demos, and the finished video of our wedding more than lived up to the standard set by their demo videos. The videographers were professional and easy to work with. Angel (the owner and primary videographer) is great at communicating and is a truly talented film editor. Everyone who has seen our DVD is impressed at how great it came out. It is a very personal memento of our day and we were kept very involved with the entire process. Our DVD is unique to us - definitely not a cookie cutter DVD. We highly recommend Angel and her staff as videographers - you won't be disappointed." -Rayna & Jeff

"A Video for Everyone"

"Video is one of the most important souvenirs you will still have after your wedding is long over. People will pass away, people age, as your family grows its nice to look back with your kids and grand kids."

Most Popular Package

Everything in the whole day package is included PLUS


A beautiful 3-5 minute music video ending to your video is the icing on the cake. This video highlights the best moments of the day.

This package is ideal for those having a 5-6 hour ceremony and reception. You can start the video at Pre-Ceremony and have coverage til the end of the night, or shift your hours to include the First Look or Bride's Prep, depending on your hours and what is most important to you!

The master file and music video are also transferred to the USB so you can share on Facebook and you tube. Many clients and their family and friends watch their music video almost every day, highly recommend!

Rosebank Winery

Au Naturale Videography...

We realize all people celebrate their wedding day in different ways. We are open hearted and welcome all religions, ethnicities, race, sex, color, we are all human and its all about love, harmony and connecting. We welcome you to contact us and tell us how we will tell YOUR story.


Your videographer arrives an hour before the ceremony to set up, and prepare for your arrival and greet you before everything begins. The Video begins with custom titles, your names and date set to music.


The ceremony begins and is cleanly edited with the live audio as everything happened during your ceremony. We use dissolves or insert shots  between readings and each segment of the ceremony.


The cocktail hour begins after ceremony with shots of the couple greeting guests, taking photos, friends getting their place cards and signing the guest book, shots of the cocktail room, reception room shots, tables, flowers, decorations, place settings, the cake, guests schmoozing, getting drinks at the bar, the food, waiters serving appetizers, and more all edited to music and segways into the reception.


The reception begins with the real audio as everything unfolds. The entrance, first dance, toasts, parent dances, cake cut, garter/bouquet optional, and the dancing is edited with dissolves and fun transitions.

Bring your Video to the next level when you add any of these opening and closing features.

- Baby Photo Montage
-Bride and Groom Preparations
-First Look
-Music Video Highlight
-Honeymoon Photo Montage

Document The Whole Day...
The 1-2 hour video usually opens with titles, music, Pre-Wedding sessions: getting ready, documenting the excitement that leads to the First Look or Pre- Ceremony segment.
Getting Ready Sessions
Coverage of the Girls Getting Ready. We film the highlights of getting ready for the big day, and cover any formal photos your photographer takes prior to leaving for the ceremony. Edited to music.
Coverage of the Guys Getting Ready  We optionally you can add a second videographer to film the guys getting ready for the big day, and cover any formal photos your photographer takes prior to leaving for the ceremony.
The First Look session is more than just portrait taking. It is taking a few moments to see one another privately before ceremony. You will still get that traditional grand entrance moment during your ceremony, but the First Look is a wonderful way to eliminate some of the nervous anxiety felt in those pre-ceremony minutes. An intimate moment for you and your partner to meet.
Another huge benefit is you have the time to get creative and not feel rushed. You get all your formal portraits, bridal party, and immediate family portraits out of the way, and have much more time to enjoy your cocktail hour.
Highly recommend if you have a large family and a lot of portraits to take. We don't want to rush through your portraits, and we want you to enjoy your cocktail hour time with your guests.

Get the best angles, the main camera will always be focused at the primary action going on.
A second cameraman will capture lots of additional shots of family, bridal party and guests looking on, as well as great secondary angles of the action which is edited into the finished movie.
For example during the bride's entrance down the aisle, we have one camera at the back to get her entering, cut to the groom's reaction, and then back to the bride as she walks down the aisle.
It gives you some variety in contrast to the traditional one camera shoot at the end of the aisle.